Husleieservice AS

Husleieservice offers billing services for overheads and rent. The services are available for all types of residential and commercial properties organized as residential condominiums, cooperatives, housing corporations, other housing associations, rental properties etc. Their clients are typically owners of real estate and other managers. Husleieservice provides their clients with complete and exact financial overview so that the client have an efficient management tool.


Nordberg Eiendomsforvaltning AS

Nordberg Property Management is a full service supplier within property management and realting, with wide expertise in most aspects of real estate. Their focus is on management of residential condominiums and cooperatives, realting, settlement, operation and maintenace of real estate as well as legal advice in conjunction with bereavement, divorce/ termination of matrimonial cohabitation and transfer of property.


The Norwegian Bar Association (Advokatforeningen)

The Norwegian Bar Association is the professional body and interest group for lawyers (advokater) and trainee lawyers (advokatfullmektiger) in Norway. Together with its members and elected officers, the Bar Association endeavours to ensure that Norwegian lawyers meet high professional and ethical standards and enjoy good framework conditions. The Bar Association makes extensive efforts to promote due process protection and the principles of the rule of law, and it is the most important arena for its members’ engagement in criminal justice issues and the development of the law. The Norwegian Bar Association has worked since 1908 to boost the respect and trust that lawyers depend on, and that mean that lawyers can be proud to practise their profession. The title Member of the Norwegian Bar Association (MNA) is a hallmark of quality that shows that a lawyer belongs to a proud professional community. Lawyers apply stringent requirements as regards their professional and ethical standards – and they must meet these requirements themselves.


The Norwegian Service Office for Real Estate Lawyers (Eiendomsadvokatenes Servicekontor)

The Norwegian Service Office for Real Estate Lawyers is an association for lawyers who has realting as a major part of their business and for attorney operated real estate agencies.


International Practice Group

International Practice Group is a non-profit association of independent lawyers, accountants, tax advisors and other professionals who co-operate to transact international business cost-effectively and to the highest professional standards. The group is a non-exclusive association of independent, quality and cost conscious professionals who co-operate in advising international clients. It consists of law firms, accounting firms and tax advisors. Please find a complete list of our members by using the “find an advisor” search facility on the left hand side of this page.


The Norwegian Association for legal professionals (Juristforeningen)

The Norwegian Association for legal professionals is the professional interest group and labor organisation for legal professionals, jurists, lawyers and law students in Norway. They provide their members with advice and support furing their studies and throughout their entire career, without distinction of position and work place.

The members ensure and safeguard due process protection and the principles of rule of law. The Association endeavours to ensure that all individuals and businesses shall have access to legal aid and legal assistance. They highlight the significance of legal competence in all parts of the society.


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