Practice areas

Familiy Law
Morch Law Firm has long experience within all areas of family law. This includes entering into marriage, dissolution of marriage and co-habitation, s... Read more
Heritage law
The distribution of heritage can involve large monetary assets and is often a sensitive subject for many families. Heritage law can create many diffi... Read more
Married parents have joint custody for children they have together. From January 1 2006 also non-married couples have automaticly joint custody for c... Read more
Damages can inflict large expences and financial troubles. It can relate to personal injury or damage to your assets. It can also relate to breach of... Read more
Good contracts contributes to ensuring your firm’s revenue and provides the necessary security for the company to reach its targets and goals. Good... Read more
Corporate law is an extensive legal field, and make out a large portion of our commissions. We assist both small and medium sized companies, organisa... Read more
Competition and public procurement
Is your firm competing for a public bid or procurement? The public sector purchases products and services for nearly NOK 400 million each year. There... Read more
Construction law
Construction law is an extensive legal field – both on the side of contractors and entrepreneurs. Morch Law Firm is a full service supplier within ... Read more
Residential properties
We’re a full service supplier of legal and administration services within residential properties. Our field of work covers all questions pertaining... Read more
Commercial property
We’re a full service supplier of legal and administration services within commercial properties. Our field of work covers all questions pertaining ... Read more
Do you have a property you wish to rent out? Our lawyers can assist you every step of the way – from advertising to takeover. The rental proces... Read more
Loan, mortgage and collateral
We have long-wide experience with assistance pertaining to implementation of loans, mortgage and collateral. We assist both mortgagees and mortgagers... Read more
Monetary claims, collection and enforcement
Are you owed money? Have you received a notice of collection? Does the debtor not pay? Your need for assistance can have many reasons. These areas... Read more
Litigation and dispute resolution
Morch Law Firm haw long-wide experience within in and out of court proceedings. Our goal is to ensure that your case is handled and presented in the ... Read more