Heritage law

The distribution of heritage can involve large monetary assets and is often a sensitive subject for many families. Heritage law can create many difficult questions and discussions in a family – either you’re the testator or the recipient.

What many people are unaware of is that future distribution of heritage to a great extent can be planned. It can be most helpful if the family sits down and talks about how a future desired distribution should be. Thus, the risk for future disputes can be significantly reduced.

In our experience it’s preferable to seek advice at an early stage in stead of waiting until assistance seems precarious.

In other words, heritage law is a very important area of your life, that in our opinion with great advantage can be left to experienced lawyers – in the strive to reach the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Morch Law Firm has wide experience within all areas of heritage law – both domestic and abroad.

iStock_000040959964Large-683x1024 We offer assistance with:

  • Execution of heritage distribution
  • Mediation between heirs
  • Drafting of testaments
  • Interpretation of testaments
  • Capital gains tax
  • Heritage planning
  • Advance on heritage
  • Division of assets
  • Heritage across borders

We have wide experience and are thus a safe choice when you need a lawyer in Oslo within heritage law. Use the contact form on the right to contact us.